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I purposefully didn’t tell you what happened to the dog, because that’s still up in the air. The family requested that I call the police to help with the situation. After this incident, they knew that they really shouldn’t have the dog, and they knew that animal control was their best bet with this particular dog. It was their call and my call because it was their dog and my leg/kid. The cop asked if I was okay with the dog going into quarantine and trying to find a new appropriate home for it. I told him absolutely. No part of me wants to see a dog die. Every part of me wants to make sure my kid is okay. Win/win.

Anyway, pardon my rant. To be honest, I used to get sad when people would debate my intentions and actions and call me names and be mean about it. Now I just laugh. But some people were being mean to each other in the comments, so I felt a need to say something.

Zoom out and look at it all for what it is. A story where nobody meant anybody any harm, where mistakes were made all over, and where the end result is that we all realize that there is a very human side to all of us, before, during, and after the chaos.

Take the dogs out of the story. They were an unnecessary side note to the very real needs of beautiful people.

Beautiful people, one of which I was a real ass to when it all went down.

Which is the last thing I want to talk about, I guess. I hope it was clear that I wasn’t okay with the way I responded. I’d like to think I’m better than dropping the F-bomb in front of my five year old or screaming at an obviously distraught girl. But in the moment, I wasn’t better than that because that’s exactly what I did.

That girl did nothing wrong. She was as untrained with the dogs as the dogs were with her. And for that I owed her an apology for my response. I don’t know that what I did was wrong. In such crazy moments, the brain doesn’t afford people time to actually think out their reactions and reflexes.

I just know I wish I had done better.

Which is all any of this is. Me trying to do better to the very real people of this world.

It’s all any of us can do sometimes when we respond (sometimes justifiably) badly to others. We apologize. And then we try and do better. No person responds perfectly all of the time. We are far too human for that.

So thank you.

For seeing past my weaknesses. For embracing me, imperfections and all. For loving those you don’t know unconditionally enough to give to them fully trusting.

I promise you I will make sure that all of your money makes it to the right place. I will make sure that all of your trust is well-founded. I will assure you that I did not bend over and bite my own thigh to pull off some great scam. I will dance naked in Time Square if you need that, too.

But see, I don’t need to do any of that. You already trusted, you already gave. I just hope that I can be as open and trusting as all of you in my day to day life. I sure try.

And with that, I ask you to vote on how we, as an internet family, should handle the money that we’ve pooled together which ended up being much more than planned.

Love you all. See you tomorrow. Would love your thoughts.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

PS. There is still time to donate and be a part of this. Go to page 2 of yesterday’s post.

Also, if the vote is to change the plan and help multiple families, anyone who donated will be given a chance to have their donation refunded first.

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