How could my favorite post of the week get any better?

How about if the entire thing was made up of your “Love is Louder” pictures.

I ended up with enough photos to do five different Sunday posts. I hope these warm your heart and tickle your awesome-bone as much as they did mine.

If you missed what these are all about, be sure to view my Love is Louder post. Feel free to keep sending your own Love is Louder pictures in (via the contact form)!

I’ve decided that this week I am going to publish all of the rest of the heavy posts that I wrote while I was getting ready to come out because I’m ready to move past them, focus on the future, and focus on love and everything awesomesauce. So, check back tomorrow for the first of those.

And thank you all of you who sent in your Love is Louder photos. Some tough things have been happening all week mixed in with the loving response I’ve gotten, and every time I opened my computer it seemed like I was greeted with a new one of these. It definitely has made all of this easier.

And with that much too long intro:


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