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Christmas Eve Protest for Love in Provo

Same sex marriage was legalized in Utah on Friday, but certain counties are still refusing to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples. Help us spread the word and let's all be there when they open on Tuesday and let them know that we support the new rights of our LGBT brothers and sisters!

Not That I Believe in Angels

Once each year was all I ever got to watch you. From the day you were born until the very end, I did my best to be something I never actually knew how to be. I hope you knew that...

The Christmas Explosion

Just days before Christmas, I had a little *explosion*. My child's mother was on the receiving end of it. Was I actually sorry? Do I regret it? The whole thing honestly gave me a few things to think (and laugh) about as Christmas inches nearer...

Dad’s Only Wish on the Christmas He Died

We found out at Thanksgiving that Dad had stage four cancer. He died on Christmas day with an impossible gift and one last incredible wish. This is the 1st place entry in the Holiday Writing Contest!

Thanksgiving on the Streets

JP, homeless and hungry one freezing Thanksgiving morning, was hit in the gut by a strange object thrown at him by a passing bicyclist. This is the 2nd place entry in the Holiday Writing Contest!

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas and I Was Still Single

A remake of the classic Christmas poem by a single cat lady wrapped in her favorite Snuggie. Fanastically hilarious! This is the 3rd place entry in the Holiday Writing Contest!

My Brother, The Shelf Elf King

I've decided my brother is the KING of the shelf elves. Every morning his kids wake up to the best shelf elf surprises ever. These are their adventures so far. Seriously, so awesome...

My Christmas Rebellion

With nose piercings and "corpse-purple" lipstick, this girl rebels against her mother's Christmas rebellion. Amazing story! This is the 4th place entry in the Holiday Writing Contest!

What Does That Woman Want?

Every year, every year, I try and try. Every year, man, it just don’t work. I mean, what does that woman want? Ain’t no one can please her, ya know? This is the 5th place entry in the Holiday Writing Contest!

Adventures in Therapy: Dating a Few Too Many People

My therapist thinks I'm dating a few too many people. And yes, this is (fortunately and unfortunately) an actual conversation that went down in my last therapy session.

50 MORE Weird Confessions

These are 50 all-new overly weird confessions made by everyday normal people who were given an anonymous place to tell something they do when they're all by themselves.

If You Make it Onto the Side of My Fridge

On the side of my fridge, you will find pictures of... people. But not just any people. If you make it onto the side of my fridge, it means something about you...

The Man Who Knows Way Too Much Already

Jeff Denison
There's a new man in my life who might just know way too much about me already...

One Awesome, Slightly-Chubby, Beard-Dying, Workaholic Blogger

I'm back blogging. Here's my first post. From adventures in therapy, to punching monkeys, to a little farting mishap on a date... It's been an interesting 13 days.

Why I Need to Bail for a While

Dan Pearce
Hey everyone, you won't be seeing new Single Dad Laughing blog posts for a little while. This is why... And, thanks for always giving me so much continued support.

Oh. My. Gosh. What Have I Done?!

Apparently, I'm not invincible like I thought I was after finishing Insanity. As is evidenced by this stupidly injured man sitting before you...

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My kid is missing!

It was late at night, and I went to check on my son several hours after putting him to bed... And he was missing. I searched the entire house. He was definitely gone.

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