My family tends to be a very fun family.

A very loving family.

A very forgiving family.

But every once in a while, someone does something so dastardly that forgiveness is not an option. At least not until the score has been settled.

And this past weekend it came down to just that.

I’m going to affectionately call what happened, from henceforth and forever, The Great Wi-Fi War of 2013.

For more than a year now, everyone has complained about the strength of my parents’ wi-fi signal. Luis, my brother-in-law, and his wife live in the basement, and he was the one that set it up.

Because my parents live in a huge house whose interior and exterior is stone and wood, we have all always just chalked it up to a first-world problem. Complaining was good enough for us.

But then, and I won’t bore you with the details, the truth slipped out while we were all together last weekend. As it turns out, Luis had been routing the majority of the signal and the majority of the bandwidth to a different network than what he had been giving all of us access to.

His defense was summed up pretty simply. “I didn’t want all you guys bogging down the connection.”

Let me remind you that he is living there for free. And that it’s my mom and dad’s connection, not his. AND… he hadn’t even given THEM the real juice.

He just wanted to watch Netflix without a lag.

I told you it was dastardly. And he doesn’t deny it.

He got to make choices when he pulled his little stunt. But he didn’t get to choose his consequences. And, boy, did he catch heat. When little details like that slip out to a very large family who lives and breathes the Internet, you better believe every person involved is going to think back to EVERY instance over the past year when their Internet glitched even the slightest.

And, in pure Pearce fashion, my brother made it known to Luis (and we all agreed) just what he would have to do to make it right.

He had to go outside in his undies and do a snow angel.

Cause that’s how we roll.

No grudges. No coming back to it and hashing it out for months. No rubbing someone’s nose in it forever. Just a moment of medieval torture, and then we all call it good.

And, amazingly, he did it, even if we relented and let him go swim trunks instead.



This picture demonstrates just how deep the snow is… Just look at that right leg.



Of course, images are great.

But the video is so much better.

When it was over, there was no doubt. Luis was forgiven by all. And somehow, we were all strangely thankful for his shenanigans of the past year.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

PS. Does your family ever settle things in such amazing ways? Or are we just straight up crazy?

PPS. Keep in mind this post is all in good fun. Any comments bagging on my BIL will be deleted. Especially since he dove in face-DOWN on his own accord (yeah, we never asked him to do that)!

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