I was standing in Costco this morning, checking out their new Adidas super-undies when I overheard two preteen girls standing on the other side of the aisle.

“What if she notices?” I heard the first girl say.

“She won’t notice. I promise. I do it to my mom all the time.” The other girl said.

“How can you not notice a big coat in the cart? I don’t think it will work,” the first girl said.

“You just shove it in between some cereal or milk or something so she can’t see it, then when she’s not looking put it on the belt thingie between some big stuff,” the second girl said.

“Have you ever done something that big?” the first girl asked.

“Well, no, but it’s the same thing no matter what it is. Moms don’t pay attention to what’s already in the cart. I promise,” the second girl replied.

“Oh crap here she comes! What do I do?” the first girl whispered.

“Oh give it to me, I’ll just do it,” the second girl quietly demanded.

And that was the last thing I heard.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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