Over the years, many of you have pinned me against the wall and asked me to start a Podcast with my blog posts. So, last night I finally did.

I won’t make every blog post into a Podcast. Just the ones that would make better than crappy Podcasts. I guarantee you don’t want to listen to me telling you why the Suck-Yer-Ears Out 5000 is the best ear wax removal system ever while you’re on your way to work.

And. Warning. I’m a major slight mumbler once in a while.

It’s what happens to a lot of writers because they sit and look at words all day and then they mumble those words to themselves as they read and edit. I have faith that the Podcast will help me get my lips functioning properly again. You know, so they don’t sound like they’ve been tied to a flapping bird.

And another warning. I have already found (I recorded three of them already) that I like to go off script here and there. And it’s not always pretty.

And another warning. Undercooked meats and poultry products can leave you sprinting for the bathroom at very inopportune times.

And another warning. The DOT has stated that listening to my Podcasts while driving may lead to falling asleep. They don’t recommend it.

And one more warning. Great White Sharks have lots of teeth so don’t go swimming with them just because you can.

Anyway, you can find the Podcast here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/single-dad-laughing-podcast/id602754743?mt=2

Much love.

And a big ol’ bear hug. You know, from the guy in the picture above.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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