Look at this image. But not too carefully yet.

Isn’t it beautiful? Click on it to see it much larger.


A beautiful high-mountain town overlooking a snowy lake perhaps? Maybe you see a pretty winter haze covering a beautiful wooded valley.

Now look carefully.

That beautiful view is actually a valley of one million people hidden by smog. Buried by it. Covered in it.

Yes, this is the Salt Lake City valley right now. I took this image from the pass that goes over the mountain this morning.

Down in the valley (where we live) it looks very much like it did when we were burning up in the wildfires this past summer… Like you’re walking through an endless cloud of smoke and haze.

It’s been here for over a month, caused by weather inversion. And it’s the reason why Utah is topping the charts for most sick people right now. It’s also the reason it’s so danged cold.

Will someone please send a nice huge wind through here to take it all away? We’d like to breathe again.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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