I don’t have any great or awesome or funny post for you today. I didn’t even have time to scrap a crappy one together. It’s been a rough weekend for this single dad and his kiddo.

This is how it started:


Now, this may look like any normal photo of my child (besides that it’s lacking his trademark ear-to-ear smile). But this is actually cropped down from a much larger photo which I have included on page 2.

Yes, it’s the picture on page two that is worth a thousand words. And I’m telling you right now, don’t look at it if you can’t stomach, ummm, really gross things. I put it on its own page for a reason. It’s that bad; though, most parents probably won’t flinch.

For those who do check it out…

Yes, that’s an iPad.

Yes, it’s real.

Yes, it took hours to clean up.

Good news is, Noah is feeling much better now.

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