1. Exercise. Blogging can be an extremely sedentary life which can lead to cabin fever, depression, anxiety, and overall boredom. Get out and get moving every day, at least for a little while. Your content will thank you.
  2. Don’t let your most extreme readers dictate what you put on your blog. For at least a year and a half, I tried to bend my blog around those readers who were the most vocal. I didn’t mean to, I just did it. And it made my best readers lose interest, it ticked off the entire rest of the blogging community, and it made blogging not fun at all for me. When I took it back from the extremists, I fell in love with blogging again.
  3. Always remember to have fun. I got sucked into thinking I needed to be deep and profound and sometimes extreme to keep a following. But people like fun more, trust me.
  4. Write about controversial topics and take a stand. But not every day.
  5. Take a break once in a while. When it gets too crazy, walk away for a week or two. It won’t kill your blog.
  6. Use good eye drops. You blink twice a minute instead of every two seconds when you’re looking at a computer screen. There are drops just for that. I recommend Bausch & Lomb Soothe XP.
  7. Offer multiple ways for your readers to subscribe to you. Look at the very top of this site. I have eight social platforms people can subscribe to, and that’s not even all of them.
  8. Don’t get sucked into side projects. I kept starting other side blogs and whatnot. Every time I did, my main blog suffered.
  9. Don’t pay for clicks on sites like Facebook or Stumbleupon. It will never bring you traffic that’s worth the money.
  10. As you blog, tell the things that embarrass you most. When you blog, share the things that you wouldn’t usually tell complete strangers. It’s how people feel connected to you and, in many ways, trust you.
  11. Own your mistakes. You’re going to make mistakes. Own them when you do.
  12. Be honest. But feel free to exaggerate sometimes. That’s good story telling.
  13. Don’t share things about other people in your personal life that might hurt them.
  14. Share your opinions, but don’t demand that they’re right. Always remember that there are no wrong or right opinions.
  15. Use proper grammar. Most of the time. Spell your words correctly. When you’re blogging it’s okay to veer off the proper grammar path… once in a while, but overall you should write professionally.
  16. Be extremely random sometimes. You know, find ways to tie penguins or polar bears into random sentences. Or whatever.
  17. Don’t take everything so seriously.
  18. Don’t apologize. Unless you need to. If you’re constantly apologizing you come off as a narcissist. I don’t know why it works that way, it just does.
  19. Don’t believe the things other people say about you. You are the only one who knows who you really are.
  20. Don’t do every interview that is sent your way. They are time consuming and almost never bring you traffic that’s worth the time that you put into them. Choose the ones that are important for your message or for your blog. Skip the rest.
  21. Don’t commercialize your blog, too much. Ads are okay, if you place them well. Occasional giveaways are okay too. But commercialization of your blog needs to not be constantly pushed in your readers’ faces.
  22. Protect your kids. The bigger my blog gets the less I blog about my son. Eventually I wouldn’t be surprised if I all but stop. And that’s okay.
  23. Add lots of pictures of yourself. People like to know who’s writing the words they read every day.
  24. Be a part of the solution instead of a part of the problem. Anybody can complain. Only some people can say the right words that will inspire others to move to the solution. Be one of those writers.
  25. When you’re traveling, go out and meet the people who read your blog. It’s fun. It let’s you see what kind of people are tuning in. It helps you appreciate the very real humans on the other side of the internet.
  26. Don’t ever think you’re famous no matter how big you get or because you’ve had viral blog posts. You’re not. Unless you’re Pioneer Woman, perhaps. Internet fame and real fame are two completely different things.
  27. Insert at least a little sarcasm, wit, or humor into almost every post.
  28. Don’t worry about ads at first. Worry about content. Keeping your site ad free while your site grows will help you get a bigger following faster. You don’t want to step over a dollar to pick up a dime.
  29. When you have enough traffic, sign-up with a good ad provider. BlogHer is great. There are many others who would love to have you once you’ve proven a track record of sorts.
  30. You need to save your best content for when the most people are around and when it’s most advantageous for you (with ads and such). But if you go too long between sharing your best stuff, people lose interest, and they won’t be around when you do.
  31. Don’t freak out when people stop following you. It happens. By my best calculation, I’ve lost more than 50,000 subscribers since I started this blog. It’s just how it goes.
  32. Write at 4AM sometimes. If you find that you can’t sleep because a topic is bothering you, get up and write about it. Some of your best work will come after a lot of tossing and turning.
  33. Write when you’re on cough medicine sometimes. Trust me, weird stuff comes out and people love it.


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