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A distraught woman calls 911 when she and her husband find themselves, get this, unable to undo her pants to go to the bathroom. The 911 Dispatcher attempts to walk them through a “less than normal” solution.




My sister Amy and I found this app that records phone calls, and then we started goofing off with it, and then¬†things led to things and I didn’t get a post written for today.

But, lucky you, you got this gem out of it. A fake call made to each other (not an actual call to 911). The byproduct of our stupidity creativity and ridiculousness awesomeness:

If you laughed and want more (hopefully shorter as we get better at it), we would probably oblige because we’re crazy like that.

Oh, and the amazing husband in the background is our bestie Jeff. He’s just about the best ever.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

PS. If you do want to see more, let us know. Also, what are some other silly ideas for fake 911 calls?

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