Woman With PitchforkSome moms can’t breastfeed. Some kids are adopted. Some moms try really hard and aren’t able to. Some moms just don’t want to. Some moms love it. Some moms want to do it forever.

Who cares what other moms do.

Their kid is not your kid.

It’s not your choice.

And it’s not your life.

If you want to nurse until your child begs you to stop, by all means, do it. I don’t care.

Your kid is not my kid.

It’s not my choice.

And it’s not my life.

WARS have been started on the internet because of people’s views on these two topics. People have gotten hurt over it. People have felt worthless because of it. It’s ridiculous. Get over yourselves.

And don’t get me wrong. I understand your need to defend yourselves. A lot of people think you’re crazy when your six year old is standing up sucking away on your booby. A lot of people think you’re crazy for caring whether or not part of your son’s penis gets cut off.

Those people are no more in the right to tell you what’s the right way or the wrong way to parent. Because…

Your kid is not their kid.

It’s not their choice.

And it’s not their life.

Every parent on Earth has the God-given right to parent as they see fit. They have the right to parent in what they believe is the healthiest way possible. They have the right to make the big decisions about breastfeeding and circumcision and all that jazz.

They also have the right to not be mocked, belittled, yelled at, or made to feel worthless when they make the best decision possible.

They also have the right not to care.

I have that right.

And I’m taking advantage of it.

Does not caring make me a bad parent? A soulless schmuck? A wart on Satan’s backside?

If I don’t choose a side and go to war, does that mean I’m a coward?

If I don’t research it does that mean I’m apathetic?

I sure hope not, because I have a lot more on my plate that I need to worry about.

And I’m betting most of you do, too.

So please, let’s all do everyone a favor, and use our time on the internet for things that really matter. Like stopping the euthanizing of gays in Africa. Or discussing the concentration camps in North Korea. Or debating last week’s episode of Glee. Or trying to figure out how they get so many clowns into those tiny cars.

Let’s practice saying the words, “I don’t care what you do” to each other.

Extremists, repeat after me.

“Your kid is your kid. Your life is your life. Your job as a parent is yours. You do it your way, I’ll do it mine. And we can still be friends even when we do it differently.”

Is that possible?

Because I’m getting tired of the wars. And I’m getting tired of the threats. All they’re doing is making me care even less.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

Would appreciate your comments today.

Please don’t debate circumcision or breastfeeding today. If you want to debate, debate what this post is about. Debate whether the discussions on these topics have taken unhealthy turns. Debate whether it’s okay for people to care or not. Debate whether Crest is better than Rembrandt.  Debate whether butter on toast should go edge to edge or not.

And please. Don’t try and convince me in the comments that my life would be better with a foreskin. My penis ain’t none of y’alls business. And I like it just fine how it is.

PS. This blog post has also been recorded as a podcast. You know, if you’re into that kind of thing.

PPS. Just for fun… - Then this one chap says,

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