It’s Noah’s birthday yet again. Wow, I can’t believe this is the third birthday post I’ve written for him since I started this blog.

He turns six today, and as I contemplate just how vibrant and unbelievable a little human being he is, I would like to do something special to honor his awesomeness.

So, as I have similarly in years past, I hereby dub today International Act Like a Six Year Old Day! This is an international holiday and observance of it is mandatory.

To properly celebrate IALA6YOD (I’m still amazed at how these holidays just roll off the tongue), you should really make sure you do the following throughout the day:

1)        Laugh hard at completely inappropriate things.

2)        Be completely fascinated when you find out someone you know kissed someone else.

3)        When you like someone, get all awkward and giggly and start running from them with the pure intent that they start chasing you.

4)        Get right into your dad’s face, press your nose against his nose, and start laughing when he goes cross-eyed.

5)        Let yourself cry when you lose something that you really love.

6)        Insist on picking a new toy to take with you every time you take a bath.

7)        When you do take a bath, add bubbles every time. Then, make yourself a beard out of those bubbles.

8)        Attempt to understand why people do things differently than you would.

9)        When your dad pulls up in his car, start jumping up and down excitedly while waving. Extra points if an adult has to keep you from running into traffic in all your excitement.

10)    Believe that there might be something amazing waiting for you every time you head outside to check the mail.

11)    When someone isn’t paying attention to you while you’re trying to talk, reach out and start vigorously tapping their phone’s touchscreen until they pay attention to you.

12)    Break out into unplanned light saber wars at least three times per day.

13)    Use “The Force” to open and close automatic doors at the grocery store.

14)    Use “The Force” to steer the car, change the radio station, choke people, move objects, and pause movies as well.

15)    When you go up an escalator, insist on going back down and then up again.

16)    Give people hugs for no reason than that they look sad.

17)    When someone wrongs you and apologizes, immediately forget it and never bring it up again.

18)    Sneak onto other people’s phones and take videos of yourself that they can laugh at when they accidentally find them.

19)    Cover your eyes when a part of a movie is coming that you really don’t want to see.

20)    Tell a few silly jokes that aren’t perverted.


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