I met The Farmer’s Daughter while climbing a frozen waterfall deep in the Alps this past winter. I was on my way up. She was on her way down. As we brushed by each other, we laughed and said hello. Sparks flew. So many sparks, in fact, that the waterfall melted and we both tumbled into a soft snow bank below. From there it was history.

Okay, that was a lie.

I met The Farmer’s Daughter while backpacking through Europe last summer. We both were staying at the same hostel. The owner of the hostel had kidnapped her and was about to torture her, but I busted on in there, rescued the pretty lady, and we made our escape. From there it was history.

Okay, that was a lie.

I met The Farmer’s Daughter while in Africa, volunteering at the relief hospitals for women and children who were victims of the bad crap going on over there. There was a serious blood shortage, so we both volunteered to give another pint of our own blood. We were laying on cots next to each other as they sucked what little blood we could still spare, and as we looked at each other our souls spoke loud and clear that we were meant to be. The rest was history.

Okay, that was a lie.

Here’s the real truth. I met the Farmer’s Daughter on… a farm. I needed a few extra bucks for the holidays, so I took on a job as a ranch hand. One of my jobs was helping her water the animals in between slinging hay bales and herding cattle. It started out a simple crush, but we quickly fell in love. From there, the rest was history.

Okay, fine. That was a lie too.

Here’s the real truth.

We met online.

But it is a romantic story. I swear.

It may not involve near death experiences, heroics, or fantastic adventures, but it does involve weird circumstances. And weird circumstances count for something, right?


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