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Last week I picked Noah up from school. It was a glorious week all around. Noah’s mom and stepdad were off vacationing on some island in the pacific which shall remained unnamed. Your only clues are 1) I used to live there. 2) I’ve cruised to all the islands there. 3) On one island is the Na Pali Coastline, one of my favorite places on earth. Anyway, I got Noah for the whole week all to myself, and it was beyond awesome.

I picked him up from school, he climbed into the car, and we started our usual post pick-up conversation.

“How was school?”


“What’d you do today?”


“Fun! What else did you do besides play?”

“Dad, my teacher wasn’t even there today, and we had a new teacher, and guess what. She was insane.”

I started laughing. I didn’t even know he knew the word insane, let alone what it meant. “She was insane?”

“Yeah, she was INSANE!” He was so excited as he told me.

“What do you mean she was insane?”

Noah likes to roll his eyes when I ask questions that he feels I should already know the answer to, and he did just that this time, too.

“Daaaaaad, she was insane, like where you speak Spanish!”

I started laughing again. “She was insane because she speaks Spanish?”

More eye rolling. “Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaad! You know, where we want to go when it’s summer!”

“Ooooh. You mean Spain? She was in Spain?”

“Yeah, dad. That’s what I said. She was insane.”

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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