Warning. Spoiler Alert for Life of Pi. Kind of. Not really. But kind of.

My sister Amy and another friend were over recently and we decided to watch Life of Pi. I’d already seen it and thought it was a stunning movie.

I had Noah that night and had put him down for bed ten minutes earlier, and as the movie started I realized both that I’d love for him to watch it, and he’d love to feel like a super big kid staying up late with us.

He trotted out and took turns snuggling up against me on the floor and then with Amy up on the sofa. Basically, when things got scary, he’d come down by me. When things got calm he’d go up top where it was more comfortable. At one point, everyone but me was up on the couch screaming and yelling at me because I may or may not have woofed a really stink one. Haha. Oops.


Toward the end, when Pi and Richard Parker were about to die, and Pi had the tiger’s head on his lap, Noah squeaked from the couch behind me, “I’m tired.”

I told him he could go to bed if he wanted. He insisted that he wanted to finish the movie. And after a few seconds, he climbed down by me, snuggled up next to me, and we watched the rest together.

By the end he was asleep. In my arms. And I was loving it. I don’t think he’s fallen asleep in my arms for a good three years. Maybe more.

Having your kid fall asleep in your arms really is one of the best parts of being a parent. I don’t know why. I think it’s because it takes true trust to fall asleep with someone else holding you. Don’t believe me? Try spooning some stranger, any stranger, beautiful, not beautiful, cool, creepy, but a stranger nonetheless. And just see if you can fall asleep. Guaranteed it ain’t gonna happen no matter how tired you are.

And that’s all. It was just a good dad moment.

Oh, and this is funny. Amy told me that the reason he suddenly announced that he was tired was because she had caught him wiping away tears during the near death part and she had reached up and brushed his hair with a sympathetic look. Knowing that he was busted, he tried to play it off and announced his sleepiness.

So dang cute that kid is.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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