Facebook. It can be so much better, if we are willing to take the time to fine-tune it to our wants and needs. This is how you do it from a computer. Doing it from a cell phone may be slightly different though most of it is the same.

Gone is the day and age where everybody gets offended when people don’t follow their every move. Most of us don’t check those things every five minutes, watch our numbers, or base our value on what other people think of us online. Sure, it still happens, but not like it used to. So, bite the bullet and make Facebook better for yourself. If you’ll go through all 18 things on this list (I started with a few of the more obvious ones), you will find Facebook to be a way better place to spend your time. Guaranteed.

And finally, please note that when I say “Facebook page” in this blog post, I am specifically talking about pages setup by businesses, professionals, celebrities, etc. For an example, see my Single Dad Laughing page.

1. Unfriend people who aren’t really your friends.
There is no law in the universe that says, just because you knew someone once, you have to be friends forever. Nor is there a law that says, you need to keep updated on the daily ins and outs of every person you have ever met. That’s just silly. Go through your friend list, honestly ask yourself “do I really care about anything going on in this person’s life?” And if the answer is no, then unfriend them. No big deal.
2. If you can’t unfriend them, hide them.
I get that there are people whose lives you don’t want to see updates on but for one reason or another you can’t unfriend them. I have a few of those. Simply go to their profile page by clicking on their name when they show up in your feed, hover over the “friends” button up at the top of the page, and uncheck “show in news feed.” Voila. You won’t see their updates anymore, they’ll still think you’re besties, problem solved.
3. Unlike pages that you don’t care about.
Believe me. I don’t want you to unlike my page. But I understand if you need to because one of three things is currently true. 1) You no longer are interested in what I am sharing. 2) You don’t know how you liked it in the first place. 3) you’ve just got so many liked pages that your Facebook home feed is super cluttered. So, look. Facebook is supposed to be enjoyable. Most of us have been on it for years. Do yourself a favor and go “unlike” every page you no longer care about whenever you see it show up in your feed. Even if it’s your friend’s sister’s amateur photography page or your sister’s brother-in-law’s heavy metal band.
4. Add the people you care about most as “Close friends”
One of the biggest problems with seeing so much in our feeds is that we miss the updates from the people we care most about. If there’s someone you really do care about, go to their profile by clicking on their name, hover over the “friends” button, and click “close friends.” This will make sure you get notified whenever they post something. If you do this to all of the people you want to see most, you won’t miss a thing.
5. Click “Get Notifications” on the pages you actually care about.
There are some Facebook pages that you really want to see everything they post. It could be a certain topic you follow. Maybe a celebrity. Maybe a support group or a business. Maybe it’s Single Dad Laughing (I’ll be offended if it isn’t!). If you don’t want to miss anything, go to the page (type it in the search box, or click on the name when you see it in your feed), hover over the “liked” button, and click “get notifications.” This is essentially the same thing as adding someone as a “close friend.” It sends you notifications when they post something.
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