The Farmer’s Daughter and I decided to play a game. We would tell each other what to draw, and then we’d doodle a temporary (and amazing) tattoo onto each other’s leg.

These things turned out so incredibly awful that I thought we should all play a game here. But you have to NOT CHEAT if you’re going to play (the answers are on page 2).

Based solely on the pictures, what did I challenge her to draw on my leg and what did she challenge me to draw on her leg?

Her first drawing on my leg:


And my first drawing on her leg:


Well, we couldn’t stop laughing at our new creations, so then we made each other draw the same thing that we originally challenged each other to draw onto our other non-tattooed legs. So, you now have two fantastically awful doodles to guess from.

Her drawing on my leg:


My drawing on her leg:


LOL. So, BEFORE you go to page two, leave a comment and give your best guess as to what our doodle challenges to each other were.


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