Yesterday, we delved into the #BestBoyfriendEver tag on Instagram and we learned just what it takes to be one of the hundreds of thousands of best ever beefs. Which I was. Because The Farmer’s Daughter said so. Click here to read that post if you missed it.

Today, let’s see what it takes (according to Instagram, which is never wrong) to be the best girlfriend EVER via the #BestGirlfriendEver tag.

I found some good ones for sure. After I waded through hundreds of pics of food, that is. And here they are.

How to Be the Best Girlfriend EVER (According to Instagram):

Best Girlfriend Rule #1: Use lots and lots and lots of emoticons.




Best Girlfriend Rule #2 – Scrapbook your “sweeter” moments.




Best Girlfriend Rule #3 – Do, umm, whatever this is.




Best Girlfriend Rule #4 – Anyone can pull hoes. Try spelling correctly when you have a women.




Best Girlfriend Rule #5 – Don’t let him jack up his sewing. You want him playing those video games day in and day out.




Best Girlfriend Rule #6 – Leave your phone unattended for him to find once in a while.




Best Girlfriend Rule #7 – No rule. Leave your own caption in the comments below. LOL.




Best Girlfriend Rule #8 – Be his mother for the day.



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