Today we continue our quest to really learn what it takes to be the Best EVER at something.

We’ve delved into the Best Boyfriend Ever, the Best Girlfriend Ever, and the Best Grandpas Ever. Today, let’s explore what it takes to be the best HUSBAND ever. You know, according to Instagram.

How we arrive at the rules below are simple. I share the photos from Instagram that have been tagged #BestEVER.

Today’s tag:


And here’s how the best husbands ever do it. So, pay attention hubbies!

Rule #1: You can never go wrong with bribery when you’re in the dog house.
Rule #2: Remember. She doesn’t want the latest and greatest.
Rule #3: Pretend to rub her feet while you watch your game.
Rule #4: Don’t kill her critters.
Rule #5: Send her <ahem> suggestive photos.
Rule #6: Meat. Every. Woman. Wants. Meat.
Rule #7: Publicly share your more <ahem> naked moments.
Rule #8: Scare the living crud out of her.

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