How to Be the Best Boyfriend EVER

Yesterday I surprised The Farmer’s Daughter at work with some chocolate covered yumminess. And guess what… it made me THE BEST BOYFRIEND EVER!

How do I know? Because she tagged it in her Instagram.


No, really. She did. Look.


And we all know that Instagram tags never lie.

Out of curiosity, I clicked on the tag #bestboyfriend ever. I expected there to only be pictures of me. After all, there can only be one BEST boyfriend ever, right?!


Apparently there are hundreds of thousands of best boyfriends ever.

That made me a little sad. For a minute there I really thought I was the best boyfriend ever. But then I got over myself and started taking notes on other #bestboyfriendever pics. What does one actually have to do to become an Instagram #bestboyfriendever?

To save you all the hassle of researching it yourself, I’ve included my “incredible” findings starting on page 2.

This is how people become the best boyfriends ever.

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