Quickie post today and for a good reason.

As I told you I probably would, I ended up buying a new Harley yesterday. It is being delivered here sometime in the next hour.

If I can peel myself off of it long enough to take a picture, I’ll show you all a little bit later. I may also have a contest to name my new bike. It definitely needs a name, so be thinking.

dan-pearce-single-dad-laughingAnyway, on Sunday I picked Noah up from his mom’s as I do every Sunday. I asked him what he’d been doing for fun since I last saw him.

“Dad, I got a new bike!” he said overly excited. It was a nice change from the information I often have to dig out of him.

“You did?” I was excited for him. Apparently his last bike was damaged beyond repair in an unfortunate series of events. He had been slightly distraught about it with spring time finally deciding to stick.

“Yeah, but right when I got it, I went over that one hill, and fell down on that other bike, and it almost broke my heart.”

I had to contain my laugh. I had never heard him talk about a broken heart before. “It almost broke your heart?” I repeated back to him.

“Yeah. It almost broke it really bad.” He was very serious.

“Did your new bike break and make you sad? Is that why it almost broke your heart?” I could see why that would be heart breaking.

Noah became offended. “No, it didn’t break! I wasn’t sad!”

“Oh. Hm. So why did it almost break your heart?” I asked.

Noah looked at me as if to tell me just how dumb I was for not understanding. “Because when I fell over that hill, the handlebar hit me right here!” he said as he pounded the middle of the chest. “It hit me right here, and it almost broke my heart.”

That’s when I realized he meant it literally. The bike had hit him hard in the sternum and to him, his heart could be broken just like any bone could.

I started laughing and explained to him what it usually means when people say they have a broken heart.

He just huffed and said, “no dad, a broken heart is when something hits you and breaks your heart. I almost had a broken heart from my new bike.”

“Yeah, that sounds pretty painful,” I said.

That was all he wanted to hear.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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