I have a ghost in my house. And no, I am not making this up.


This is a picture frame I keep on the dresser next to my bed. Inside is a photograph I took years ago of my little sister. A few days ago, I walked in and it had been turned away from the bed and faced toward the window.

This is how I usually have it.


Ever since I moved into this apartment, somebody has been turning that picture frame toward the window. I keep turning it back.

At first I thought it was the woman I was dating. I figured she wasn’t comfortable having a picture of another girl in the room while we, you know, watched movies and played games and stuff. Every time I noticed it had been turned, I just put it back to how it was, but I never said anything to her about it.

Then she moved to Alaska. And it kept happening. The problem is, it only happened every two or three weeks, so I had a hard time pinning down who could have been doing it. When it kept happening after her departure, I assumed it was the maids that I hire once a month to do my deep cleaning. But it wasn’t them, either.

I started getting creeped out. Surely someone was coming into my home and turning the frame while I was away as a silly prank. A maintenance person perhaps? Someone that works for the apartment complex? An old resident? I wanted to catch them red-handed, so I bought software that would record any movement detected through my computer’s webcam while I wasn’t there. I ran it every day for a week until the picture frame moved once again.

The software was working. I saw every time I stood up from my computer after enabling it, and then every time I sat down again to disable it. But no one came into my house during that time besides me.

I have a ghost, it seems.

But I’m not the only one.


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