feather and stone balance

Those snack bars suddenly represented all of it, and I suddenly realized why I have felt so stressed lately.

Life has been stressful!

And I didn’t even know it. Because… life has been incredible even with all that going on.

I still have a happy and healthy kid. His little heart revolves around mine and mine around his. He loves me unconditionally and lights up like Christmas every time he sees me.

I still have my partner in crime. The Farmer’s Daughter still loves me, is still so beautiful, and has only supported me in every thing that’s come up.

I have my health back.

I have the portion of my income that I didn’t lose.

I have my family and even when we have the occasional blow-up we always forgive each other and move on. This time was no different.

I have my book, which is almost done, and even though it’s not going to go as easy and perfect as I wanted it to, it’s still going to do great.

I have my real friends. I have all of my incredible awesome followers who aren’t weenies.

The list could go on.

And that’s why I started laughing.

Life has been so good that I hadn’t even noticed how blind-sided I had been the last few weeks by the boatload of crap. An unfortunate series of events that I might have let flatten me before, has had nowhere near the fatal depressing blow it probably should have.

And that was funny to me. In that moment at Costco, I got so annoyed that those snack bars were gone. I wanted to stamp my feet and have a little tantrum. Part of me even wanted to cry. Why was Costco out to get me? Why was the whole world out to get me?

As every thought about everything going on flooded into my mind, something stronger pushed each one of them out just as quickly. Something pushed them out that said, every problem I have is temporary. Except for these damned snack bars.

I’m telling you. When things disappear from Costco, they usually never come back.

Yes. Life has been good. Life is good my friends. And I can’t let a tough few weeks make me think for some reason I have a tough life.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

PS. Would love your comments. Have you ever been hit with big struggles that you barely noticed because life was still so good?

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