Today I want to take you all on a little journey though my Facebook since I started dating the Farmer’s Daughter, and then at the end, let’s have a little discussion about it (the last page is probably the most important). I will share a different photo (three total) that I’ve shared on Facebook, as well as a few of the comments that followed.

All of these photos and discussions happened on my personal account. Not on my SDL account. I have two places on Facebook that people can follow me. One is my Single Dad Laughing facebook page. The other is my personal account which pretty much never has anything to do with my blog, It’s a Facebook account just like you or anyone else has.

Anyway, let’s start with this photo. Which I posted yesterday.


Here are a small handful of the comments that followed. If you get the idea, you can skip to the bottom, that’s cool.

From a few of the people I actually know in real life:





From a few of the people I don’t know who follow publicly, starting with one long thread that started right off the bat.


And some more debate and commentary that followed.


There were lots more. I think that shows the mix of comments, though.

Go to page two for the next photo. This will help keep the discussion in the comments organized, I hope. Or, skip straight to page 4 to skip the other photos and jump into the rest of the post.

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