The following list contains just a few things people have said to me in real life.

  • By a gay friend: “There is no such thing as bisexuality. I really think it just means you haven’t figured out who you actually are attracted to.”
  • By a gay friend: “I told her [the Farmer’s Daughter] that she needed to be really careful because bisexuals are probably never going to be satisfied in a straight relationship.”
  • By a straight friend: “I don’t believe you that you’re bisexual. If you were, you’d be dating a guy right now.”
  • By a gay friend: “I think you’re just dating her because you are too scared to really see what you want.”
  • By my sister: “Dan, you just come off as a 2 on the Kinsey scale to me. You seem pretty straight to me.”
  • By a straight friend: “This just proves that you are straight.”
  • By a gay friend: “You just don’t act like a gay man. I don’t think you’re gay.”
  • By a straight friend: “Are you sure? Seems to me like you need to experiment a lot more.”
  • By a gay friend: “I don’t trust people who say they’re bisexual. I don’t believe it’s real.”
  • By a straight friend: “This guy likes it any way he can get it.”

You get the idea. As you can imagine, there have been plenty more.

Now let’s have a discussion about the harsh and hurtful reality of being bisexual on page five.

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