I’m Dan, and I’m a clothesaholic.

After I put all my clothes away I snapped a few pics inside my closet.




That doesn’t even count all my drawers filled with clothes. Or my coat racks. Or the two bags of winter clothes I just stored in the storage unit.

Now, I could sit here and try and rationalize my wardrobe. I have shoes for every occasion, indoor and outdoor. I have clothes for the same reason. I’ve basically worn the exact same size of clothes for eight years now, so of course the collection is going to get ridiculously big.

But, it’s not true.

I’m a clothesaholic. And I’m okay with that.

I like new clothes. I just need to wash them more often so that the Farmer’s Daughter never has to smell that kind of stank. She’d be two counties over before I even took a second whiff.

Now, who wants to go shopping with me?

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

PS. Comments please? Dare I ask if anyone’s closet is as bad as mine?

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