There are good emails to get. And there are great emails to get.

And, then there are emails that make you happier than you could ever imagine.

Do you remember the Fish sisters who I told you about? The ones that were trying to get bone cell transplants to save their lives? The ones who couldn’t go outside of a thoroughly sanitized room? The ones who were trapped in their house?

I sure do. If you need a refresher or you weren’t around back then, here’s the post. Natalie and Alice both were born with Bubble Boy Disease. The chances of that happening were one in millions. The chances of both of them getting it, even greater.

Anyway, Tyler (their dad) just emailed me and said:


I’ve been meaning to get this to you.  Because of what you and your readers have done for our family, Natalie made it to her make a wish trip and had a great time. I attempted to make a movie of it, its a little long. Thanks for all you have done for us. 


Natalie got to go to Hawaii (thanks to Make a Wish).

Do I need to repeat that?

Natalie, the little girl who couldn’t so much as leave her house for a year after her transplant, went to Hawaii. With her family. This is the last photo I shared with you of Natalie:


Anyway, here is the video. And you know what I love most about it? It’s not a video about Natalie, or her sickness, or her confinement, or her need for help.

It’s a family video of an entire family having the first real not-worried-about-their-daughter-dying fun that they’ve had in years.

God. It feels good to know that we all had a little part in that.

3:33. That about says it all, doesn’t it?

And thank you Tyler, for sharing this. From all of us.

If you don’t think that little donations when they’re really needed can’t make a huge difference in people’s lives, well, watch the video again.

And as exciting and wonderful as that is, you may have noticed that little Alice wasn’t in the video. I wrote to Tyler and asked how she was, if she had stayed home, or what. This was his reply:

Alice did stay home with family….she has shown improvement this past week however she is close to losing her initial transplant and the doctors have her lined up to do another if she does not improve within the next two months. We have our fingers crossed that she wont because its more than likely it will be needed.

So, keep Alice in your thoughts. She (and her parents) need lots of positive ones right now.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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