live-trout-in-the-pantsAwhile back, I was going through the annals of my computer file system cleaning up space when I came across a video that I forgot ever existed.

And oh am I glad I found it.

It all started with an online competitive minesweeper game that my brother and I used to play together.

At that time of our lives, we also dished out punishments the way all brothers should. Via Sting Pong. If one of us lost something, the other would have to stand against a wall, lift his shirt, and take a ping pong ball in the bare back as hard as the other guy could smack it.

As we started playing this minesweeper game, we determined that the loser of each game would get a Sting Pong. My brother Eric got behind by quite a bit, and rather than take 20 or so Sting Pongs when we next met, he began playing the double or nothing game. And he kept losing.

It didn’t take long at all before he owed me more than 500 Sting Pongs.

Being the merciful brother that I am, I told him that he could trade them all for a live trout in the pants for ten seconds.

We had a fishing trip coming up, and if he accepted, he would have to put a flippy, floppy, slappy, wiggly, trout into his pants. And not just his pants, but straight into his underwear.

Not wanting his back to be made into hamburger, he accepted. This is the video that was caught on my Palm Pilot (remember those, haha)…

He was a man of his word. And I’ll always respect him for that.

Poor fish.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

PS. Do you do crazy things with your siblings?! I want stories!

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