hydroplane and dollars

As I mentioned on Tuesday, I purchased a brand new motorcycle.

I have to say, I am constantly flabbergasted at how many people think that other people’s money and how they spend it is any of their business.

On the way home from the dealership, I saw that I had a missed call from my mom so I called her back. At the end of the call, I told her about my new Harley, expecting her to be excited since she loves motorcycles and already knew I was thinking about getting one. The first thing she said was, “how can you even afford that?”

I was annoyed, but she is my mom so I get it. I don’t ever tell her much of anything about my current finances and the last thing she really heard from me was that I was broke as a joke a couple years ago.

Many of you were around back then when I was actually losing money trying to figure out how to make this blogging gig work. I even asked if some of you would be willing to donate a buck or two each month to pay for the cost of my server while I got through the roughest of it.

But then, and largely because of that, everything fell into place. What “fell into place” means is for me to know only, not anyone else. I simply told you all I was good and it was totally cool if you cancelled your donations.

That is where my need to justify my purchases to anyone ever again officially ended.

Until the day I’m asking others for money or owing people money, my money ain’t anyone else’s business.

Yes, I bought a brand new 2013 Harley-Davidson Softail Heritage motorcycle yesterday.

The following scenarios are all possible.

  • I paid straight up cash for it because I’m doing that well.
  • Harley gave it to me in exchange for advertising on my blog.
  • I have been putting aside $83/month for the last twenty years for this bike and finally emptied my piggy bank to get it.
  • I robbed my kid’s trust fund.
  • I got a killer loan with a 0% interest rate over five years.
  • I got a really crappy loan and I am paying 29.99% interest on a ten-year loan.
  • Harley was selling ten bikes for ten bucks each to the first ten people who could recite the entire Harley’s owner manual from memory without messing up.
  • I found hidden pirate’s treasure.
  • A small airplane was flying overhead and dumped a huge load of $100 bills on top of me.
  • I found enough change by digging in my couch cushions.
  • The owner of my local Harley dealership needed a kidney so we traded. A bike for an organ.
  • I sold my rare collection of Garbage Pail Kid cards.
  • I schmoozled up to a dying rich old woman long enough to get a free ride.
  • I sold my soul.


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