hydroplane and dollars

Yes, any one of those things could have been “how I made it happen.”

And I’m honestly asking, why is that ever anyone’s business?

I’ll tell my mom how I can afford it. I don’t care about that. But I don’t have to tell anyone else. I don’t even have to tell her.

Over on my Facebook page, a few readers have blatantly commented about what I should be doing with my money instead. “Wouldn’t that money be better spent on Noah’s college fund?” one reader said. “Isn’t that just going to cause more problems with Noah’s co-parents?” Others comments were similar.


And it’s not just me who gets it. I constantly see so many people butting in to everyone else’s finances. It’s like we’re all trying to keep this mental ledger of who has what so that we can compare ourselves and our finances to others. Why, I don’t know. Everyone on earth is going to make a different amount of money, they’re all going to have different priorities, they’re all going to see value in different things, and they’re all going to spend it or save it how they see fit.

If you want to put all your extra money into your kid’s college fund, you do that. If you want to spend it on fancy Welsh garden gnomes, you do that. If you want to sew it into a mattress, I don’t care. It’s your money and your life.

What I make and what I spend it on does not reflect on you or anyone else at all. What you make and what you spend your money on doesn’t reflect on me. A person’s worth has nothing to do with cash or things. It has everything to do with how good they are in the sack. I mean, it has everything to do with their heart. I really believe that.

Like I said, if I am asking you for money or I owe you money, you have every right to question my splurges. If I’m singing Halleluiah and tell you to give me a tenth of your income to build the kingdom and that kingdom includes gold and diamond watches and $300,000 sports cars, then yes. Question it. But if I decide to buy a motorcycle and that motorcycle actually has nothing to do with you except that you happened to read about it, then don’t ask for an explanation.

I’m not ever going to openly discuss my income and finances here on Single Dad Laughing. That’s my business, the IRS’s business, and unfortunately my ex-wife’s business. Nobody else’s.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

PS. What do you think? Are people way too obsessed with other people’s money and how they spend it? Do you think we should all butt out or do you think its helpful to point out to people how you’d do it differently?

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