I couldn’t think of a good photo to go with this extremely random post, then I remembered our extremely awkward photo album fun from last weekend and thought, why not?!


I just wrote 2,000 words in an overdue and very justifiable rant, aimed at far too many people in my personal life that I love.


I’ve just had one of those weeks that was full of last straws, and for some reason my birthday just kind of made it all worse, not better.

Bla bla bla, I’m tired of people acting like bla bla bla. And bla bla bla, I can’t handle any more of this all-take no-give bla bla bla. And bla bla bla, bla bla bla bla, bla BLA.

I brooded. I hid in the darkness of my bedroom. I canceled my birthday get-together that I had planned this weekend. I felt sad. And ate crap. And felt picked on. And ate more crap. And looked at my motorcycle sitting out in the rain for three days and felt sad some more. And ate more crap.

Yeah, it’s been one of those weeks. And I took all of my penting frustrations and created a masterful tirade to entertain the masses and passive aggressively get my point across to so many people. I’m telling you, they would have given me awards for it.

But in the end, I can’t share it. I write to entertain, yes, but I also write to become a healthier, more self-enlightened version of me.

What I wrote would have gotten some really good conversation going. It would have brought in a ton of traffic. It would have made a lot of people in my life feel bad, which I suppose was its intent. It even would have made some people laugh.

But an accountable writer knows when something he’s written ends up being for his own benefit or for the benefit of many, and he knows when to be okay being the only audience who ever sees the words that were written, as beautifully scripted as they may have been.

After reading what I wrote, I realized two things. One, it’s all true. And two, it’s not going to do any good where I actually want it to do good.

So, this time around, there will be an audience of one. By writing it, I am better for it. And that’s all that matters.

Plus… it’s the weekend! And weekends should be awesome. And fun. And full of laughs. And not sad. And they shouldn’t start off with some big rant.

And so, I shall now entertain you (even if it’s in the nose scrunched up sort of way)  with three bathroom facts that you really should know.

1) Do you keep your toothbrush out after you use it? Well, a recent study has shown that 70% of toothbrushes that sit out on bathroom counter tops are loaded with bacteria, most of which come from poop particles in the air. And, get this… About half of those actually have E. coli. Ummm, gross. I’m going to start putting my toothbrush in the drawer.

2) Did you know that recent studies have shown that one of the most unsanitary things you can do in a public bathroom is use the electric hand dryer? Think about it… the air in that room is full of poop particles. The electric hand dryers pull the air from the room and shoot it straight onto your wet hands. That means the dryers are shooting poop particles directly onto your hands, and as you and I both know… wetness is the first major breeding ground for bacteria. In other words, use should paper towels. If they don’t have any, you’re better off drying your hands on your pants.

3) And this one is just depressing to think about: the average person spends three full years of their life sitting on a toilet.

And if that wasn’t enough, I shall now entertain you on the next page with a really odd picture of me in my underwear.

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