Over on the Single Dad Laughing Facebook Page, I asked you all to share your most embarrassing moments… in poem form!

Hundreds of you responded. These are a few of my favorites (with more to come).

Impressing The Teacher
The first day of school, I try to impress
A well-groomed teacher in professional dress.
But I ended the day feeling more like a clown,
When I stepped on my hem and pulled my skirt down.
Submitted by: Nancy
The Window
New in college I stayed out everywhere,
I mooned the whole lobby but they didn’t care.
I fell through the window but not too far,
now my bum has a great big scar!
Submitted by: Shay
Gassy Baby
I was shopping in our local store,
With my baby in the cart.
My stomach hurt, I had bad gas-
And I blamed the baby for each loud fart!
Submitted by: Sarah
The Marksman
In the middle of the mart,
He stands up in the cart
The four year old yells
Mommy look at those shelves
Bet I can hit them with my pee
As he whipped it out with glee.
Submitted by: Heather
Strange Eyes
Distracted browsing in the record shop
Sidled next to my honey, ran my hand thru his mop
Down his back to his bum and a bit in between
Turned to lock eyes with a guy never before seen.
Submitted by: Jennifer
Something’s Missing
I knew I could easily swim
So waterskiing with no lifejacket seemed like a win
The boys were cheering and waving and I thought I was hot
Until I noticed my boobs were there, but my bikini top was not.
Submitted by: Dawn
Keeping Grumpies at Bay
Sitting in a park on a mild summer day
Nursed the baby to keep the grumpies at bay
I dozed off, the baby followed me
Left my tit hanging out for all the world to see.
Submitted by: Kelly
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