Hide and seek

  1. My four year old son climbed up into my lap, said that he loved me and then announced that when he “got big” he was going to marry me. My husband said, “you can’t marry mommy when you grow up, she’s already married to me.” Connor looked him straight in the eyes and calmly said, “well you’re going to die soon and she needs a husband” then patted him on the forearm, promptly kissed me on the cheek, said “I love you mommy” and hopped down.
  2. When we told my BF’s son that I was pregnant (I was six months), he looked at me and said “no you’re not.” We assured him that yes I was and he was going to be a big brother… He looked me in the eye and said “anything can happen, mommy had a friend who fell down the stairs at 8 months and her baby died…” Creepiest thing he could have said. We lived in a second story apartment with steep stairs.
  3. “Mom, did you know dad has long finger? He keeps it in his underwear.”
  4. My 4 year old son says to my 13 year old daughter when we were talking about how much we love each other: “Emma, I’m going to explode my love all over your face!”
  5. My son was in a coma at five with severe brain trauma. His Uncle Daryl died during this time. They were very close. We never told my son – just couldn’t. On the way home from the last hospital, my five year old said from the passenger seat, “It was so cold, and I called out for so long. No one came to help me. Why didn’t anyone help me?” He sounded just like Daryl. I almost wrecked. Daryl had died after falling into the Mississippi very late one night. He was heard calling for help for at least fifteen minutes before he succumbed to the cold and the current. The fog was too thick and no one could get to him in time. My son was in the coma when it happened.
  6. “There’s a clown in my closet and he tried to grab me.”
  7. When getting ready to watch a movie, my Godson asked for some cockporn.
  8. “When you die mum I’m going to bury you in the backyard so I can water you and then you will wake up again.”