1. My six year old said that when our oldest cat dies, he wants to put his head in a jar so he can look at him every day.
  2. One day while I was watching my 6 yea old niece I asked her what she wanted to eat for lunch. Her reply: “the neighbor and her cat”.
  3. We were driving home one night and my 3 year old pointed out a building and said “I used to work there.” Turns out it was a building that my (deceased) father in law worked at 40+ years ago. When my husband asked her what she did when she worked there, she described the job that he used to do.
  4. My daughter used to have an imaginary friend named “Grandmother.” I always thought that was odd, but then one day she piped up while we were in the car and said “Momma, Grandmother wants you to remember the flowers in the bedroom.” My cousin, sister and I used to play with these silk flowers in my grandma’s spare bedroom, and when she passed away, I took them as a memento.
  5. A friend took her daughter to the cemetery to put flowers on a relative’s grave. On the way out, when she was buckling her into her car seat, she said, “Don’t close the door yet, Mommy. They’re not all in yet.” My friend was too creeped out to ask who “they” were.
  6. My grandma had only one leg (the other was amputated before I was born bc of cancer). She died when I was 14 years old, so obviously my daughter never met her. My daughter was 2 and we were looking through an old photo album. There was a picture of my grandma with my mother when she was a little girl. My daughter pointed to the picture and said “look! That lady has two legs again!”
  7. “Mommy did you know that sometimes at night I fly around? My body doesn’t fly around but I do. It’s like I leave my body and can go places. I can fly really far away and see people I miss. I flew and watched you sleep the other night.”




Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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