1. When my daughter was four, we were taking our food out of the cart and putting it on the belt and so my daughter was in the cart facing the guy behind us. With a straight face she said to the guy, I’m gonna beat your ass!”
  2. my son brought me a glass of Dr. Pepper (that I hadn’t asked for) and said “I brought you some Dr. Pepper. I didn’t put Borax in it…”
  3. My son was about 3 years old when he said “I love you daddy.” Normally this a great news. But not in a public restroom, in the stall, with other men in there, while he is really struggling with his poo. And he was grunting as he said it.
  4. “Daddy, I wonder what you would look like dead.”
  5. At the age of 2, my daughter was showing her 3 month old baby sister pictures and saying who was who. I was video taping and she points behind me at at a blank wall and says “and that’s grandpa Kelder. Mommy can’t see him anymore.” …my grandpa died when I was 2.
  6. I have a 4yr old foster boy. He asked to see my penis. I am a woman.
  7. I came downstairs to my two children at the kitchen table. They had made me a treat and were anxious for me to try it. it was a graham cracker “sandwich” with a special ingredient inside. I had a taste and asked what was in the middle. They said it was chewed up graham cracker that they spit into the middle.
  8. My son whispered “the darkness is coming ” with a far off look in his eyes. He said it 3 times the same erie way. Then he finally looked at us, smiled and said “I gotta poop!”




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Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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