It’s so interesting to me that so many people believe human beings are inherently bad. They believe the “natural man” is a lying, thieving, conniving, greedy schmuck who will only do good when inspired by external forces or when it is for his own good. Watch the news every day. There is never-ending “proof” that this just might be the case.

Others believe (and I am in this camp) that human beings are inherently good. They believe the “natural man” is good-hearted, kind, generous, honest person who may slip often but will do good as often as possible without the need for guilt, self-aggrandizement, or selfish purpose. Watch the news every day. There isn’t much proof that these people exist.

But they do, even though their acts and lives aren’t always “newsworthy.” And they really are everywhere if we’ll just look up from our own lives now and then to see the good that others are often up to.

In the middle of a really crappy, self-absorbed day a few weeks ago, I asked you all over on the Single Dad Laughing Facebook page what the nicest thing was you’d ever seen a stranger do for someone else.

These were your {beautiful} replies. They really flipped my bad day right-side up again.

Please also note that hundreds and hundreds of responses came in. I snagged just a small percentage of them to share with all of you.

Because. People Really Are Good (Part II)
24 Stories Highlighting the Goodness of Strangers

  1. I saw a man @ Walmart pay for the groceries of the mom with 3 small kids behind him (and in front of me). I’ll never forget the look of gratitude on her face – makes me teary now!
  2. Shortly after Veterans day, I went to the dry cleaners to pick up my husbands uniform. When I went to pay the lady said, no put your wallet away. Another customer had come in on Veterans day and paid for all military uniforms as a thank you for their service. I left in tears. Freedom isn’t free but, that day it all seemed a little bit worth all the sacrifice.
  3. A friend was out to dinner with his son and his army buddies the night before they deployed. A stranger picked up the $1,000 plus tab.
  4. One night my mom and I went out to dinner. The restaurant has a crane machine with stuffed animals inside. The dishwasher came out and won my 3 year old a stuffed toy since I was not successful. He even refused my money and used his own. He made my sons night.
  5. A man got stood up for his blind date, so he invited the homeless woman outside the restaurant to join him for dinner. They sat and talked for hours…
  6. I was 20, in the Marines, on a flight home on emergency leave. Mom was hospitalized and my 13yo sister was home alone with no groceries. Man on the plane waited until we landed, handed me all his cash ($130), and said to take care of my family. He then darted off the plane.
  7. I was at a stop light, and there was a man in a wheelchair going across the street and he was struggling. A high school cross country runner left his team, ran back across the street, and helped the man cross.
  8. We saw an older couple drop their pints of blueberries in the grocery store parking lot. My teenage niece went in and bought them more with her own money.
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