I try to always look for the good in people. Sometimes it’s easier said than done.

But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t good going on around all of us constantly. And this is proof.

Over on the Single Dad Laughing Facebook wall I asked you all to share the nicest thing you’ve ever seen a stranger do for someone else. These were your replies.

Because. People really are good.

  1. A couple I’d never met in the middle of nowhere apparently had passed me. Took me to their home had my car fixed and sent me home the next day, feeding me and housing me. Then I apparently forgot my necklace there and they sent it to me a week later. I keep paying it forward. Knowing if I see someone stranded I can do my best to help out.
  2. A wonderful street performer in Branson let my then 3 year help him play keyboard after watching her dance with utter joy to his music. He gave her a note, and told her she could press it as much as she wanted. She did, and together they entertained everyone around. She was soooo happy.
  3. I recently donate a kidney to my little cousin. What i found out through that experience is that there are anonymous living organ donors out there. Lots of them. I’d say that’s probably the nicest thing I’ve ever seen or heard of a stranger do for another person.
  4. A bunch of us frequent a local Sonic. ‘Our girl’ is young single mother of 3. She told one of my friends that she wasn’t going to be able to do Christmas until afterwards b/c she didn’t have enough money. My friend spread the word and early in December about 40 of us went through her drive-thru giving her money & presents (& needed things like free eye exams & glasses if needed). I heard she was crying from happiness all day long.
  5. In India I saw two elderly people (in their 80’s?), the woman was obviously blind, the husband was legless, and crippled and scooterd along on his stubs and bum. They were crossing over a short rickety plank over a deep gutter filled with garbage and sewage, the husband was behind her talking her through each gingerly step, both had the biggest smiles as they chatted back and forth. She had her arms filled with wood, they were Helping each other with lovely cheerfulness.
  6. Working with the teens at local boys and girls club… a really big teen stopped his bball game to help a kindergartner tie her shoe. Amidst his friends yelling at him to come on, he took his time to make sure that the little ones shoes were both tied correctly. Kids of all ages were playing in the gym, and for him to stop and do that was one of the most heartwarming things I have seen where I live.
  7. My engine overheated driving back to college from a visit home. I was having a heck of a time getting the hood open, the safety latch was terrible in that vehicle. I was about to have a breakdown, stranded at a random gas station, when a guy about my dad’s age came over and offered to help. He struggled with the latch too (which made me feel better)… and he didn’t just get the hood open. He checked my radiator, my oil, bought and filled my antifreeze and water, and gave me a hug when he was done. I thanked him profusely, I had been frustrated and trying for a good 20 minutes as people came and went, and even said that no one seems to help these days. All you hear about are the creepy ones. He said I reminded him of his daughter and he hoped if she was stuck that someone help her. I made it back to school before dark, safe and sound, thanks to him!


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