Last week I told you that Brian, a guy I knew, had died in a motorcycle accident.

Well, he worked for Adobe, and as I was driving this past weekend past their big building, I saw this billboard on the freeway.


Adobe has my respect for that, and I think when big companies do such incredible personal things without asking anything in return (they didn’t even put their name on it), they deserve a little shout-out. That’s all.

May all big businesses, and the people who run them, be so thoughtful.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

FOLLOW-UP 06-18-20013: Apparently it wasn’t Adobe that did the billboard. Here is a message I received from a friend who also works at Adobe.

Say, I didn’t know you knew brian. he was one of my colleagues here at Adobe – I personally didn’t get to know him, but there are a lot of friends here that did. Just a friendly clarification, Adobe was not the one who posted the billboard – it was actually Josh James, CEO of Domo. Josh was the former CEO of Omniture, and knew Brian very well before Adobe acquired Omniture. Here’s the original tweet:

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