But we sure try, don’t we. We constantly balance life and risk and decide what is worth risking and what isn’t. Many of us never buy our motorcycles and we never go jump out of planes and we never try the blowfish at the “real” sushi restaurant downtown. To keep from dying, many of us kill ourselves slowly, sitting on our couches, letting others entertain us as we stay safe, away from the risks that could certainly take us quicker.

But there are no guarantees, even for couch sitting potatoes or people locked in padded rooms. A meteorite could bust through your ceiling and split your head right in two. A plane could crash into your building. A crazy ex lover could snipe you through the cracks in your blinds. You just never know, do you.

The real question, I suppose, is… what happens when we die? Are we going to be okay? Will we even still exist?

This is the number one question that has stymied mankind since the beginning. It is the question that has started (and made successful) so many thousands of different religions. It is the one thing nobody has the answer for, but everyone believes they have the answer. After all, if it was science, it wouldn’t be faith.

Me, I’m an agnostic and I love that about myself. I live my life not needing to declare that I have the one and only right answer for what happens next. I love living my life that way. I love not knowing.

When I die, only one of two things can happen. Either I cease to exist as anything but energy. Or, I continue living either as a spirit, or a reinvented being, or whatever else comes next. I don’t know.

All I know is that I personally don’t need to know. I just need to live my life as good, and as honest, and as kind, and as wonderful to others as I can. I need to be a good and involved dad. I need to be a generous and wonderful lover. I need to serve others and strive to forget about myself. I need to work to improve myself. I need to seek riches for the sake of doing good and I need to find happiness if riches never find me. I need to be kind to animals and to the earth. I need to care about what I need to care about and learn to not care about that which I don’t.

This is what I know. This is what I believe. If I die, and I try to do and be all that, I will be all right. If I cease to exist once I die, well… I won’t really care now, will I?

I don’t understand religious zealots as much as I don’t understand atheists. I don’t understand how one can completely discount creationism with all of the proof, and I don’t understand how one can completely discount science and the possibility of a Godless universe with all the proof that exists there, either.

We are all so focused on what happens after we die that we sometimes forget that we all die. We forget that there are no guarantees when it comes to the timing. We forget that something might happen and we may not even finish reading these words. I might not ever get to share them.


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