Airplane in the sky at sunset

Noah’s mom took him away on vacation for the next 8 days.

So, being way overdue for some away time together, the Farmer’s Daughter and I decided to go on a little trip of our own.

The thing is, we’re leaving today (on a jet plane), and we have no idea where we’re going yet.

We’re headed to the airport in a few minutes, and the plan is to walk up to the airline counter and take whatever last minute “cheapest deal” they’ve got going to wherever it’s going.

That means we could end up in Boise. Or Reno. Or Birmingham. Or New York City, or Alberta, or Phoenix (God, please no).

We have only two rules. 1) We each get one veto. 2) If we use our vetoes, we have to go to whatever the next destination is.

I’m super excited. The Farmer’s Daughter is a leeeeeeeetle bit scared (and by that I mean that she wants to choke me for coming up with this idea).

Should be an adventure. I’ll keep ya updated.

And don’t worry (because I know you were seriously stewing over it). I’ve got blog posts scheduled ahead to keep you all laughing and crying and wanting to gut punch me.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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