The 21 BEST Feelings in the World


I went camping with Noah and the Farmer’s Daughter last week. It was quite easily ranked up there as two of the best days of my life.

When I got home, I was tired and absolutely covered in grime. I kicked my shoes off and couldn’t help but think, oh, that is the best feeling in the world. Then I took a shower and couldn’t help but think, no, this is the best feeling in the world.

And as I stood in that hot steamy water, I started making a mental list of all the best feelings ever.

I came up with 21, and here they are. From #21 all the way down to #1, in the order that I think they really are the best feelings in the world.

Sneezing a MIGHTY sneeze

When there is nobody there, and you don’t have to worry about holding it back, and you sneeze the biggest sneeze of your life?

OMG that feels so good.

Making it to the bathroom when you’re desperate

You know the feeling…

When you’re desperate to get to the bathroom, and you don’t know if you’ll make it, and you’re running, and jumping over obstacles, and cursing, and praying, and…

you make it…

Not much beats that.

Kids falling asleep on you

When kids fall asleep on you (especially babies), the whole outside world seems to disappear.

The longer, the better.

Ice-cold water when you have cottonmouth

Usually when you first wake up, but any time you’re super parched, there isn’t much better than gulping down those first few swallows of ice cold water.

Pulling on a brand new pair of underwear

There is seriously something about busting open a pack of new undies, pulling a pair out, and pulling it on after a fresh shower.

Something about knowing that no gross-no-no-yucky-yuck has ever touched them…

Finding money in your pocket

It doesn’t matter how rich or how poor you are, finding money in your pocket that you long forgot was there just feels awesome.

It’s like it’s free money that you can go spend on anything you want and not feel the slightest bit guilty for.

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