Yesterday we were at my Mom and Dad’s house for Fathers Day dinner. It was beyond awesome. Steak… au gratin potatoes… watermelon… strawberry shortcake… good company… and, a nice long look at a family photo that was taken in 1998.


Now, I would like you to take a nice long look at two people in this photo. First… me.


And then, my little sister Andi…


Now, think of this.

I was 18 in this photo. Andi was 8. The Farmer’s Daughter and Andi are only a couple weeks apart, and as we looked at this photo we realize… if she had had been there, she would have been Andi’s age.

And that was weeeeeiiiirrrrd.

To make it weirder, her awesome mom sent us some awesome pictures, including a photo of her that same year.


Creeped out yet? We kind of sort of most definitely were. How about a side by side?



That… that right there… that was my senior portrait in the year book. That was her third grade school photo.

And it gets weirder. On page 2.

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