I think one of the scariest things for any single dad is bringing someone new from his dating life into his child’s life.

Actually, let me rephrase.

I think one of the scariest things for any single dad who really cares about his kid is bringing someone new into his child’s life. I’m sure there are some dads who would happily shove a bowl of microwave popcorn in front of their kids while they go into the backroom and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang anything with at least one limb and a heartbeat while their kid watches, well, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

But yeah. Dads who care about their kids and what happens to their kids and what their kids feel and experience, also care about who they introduce their children to when it comes to dating. They don’t introduce just anyone and everyone. They care about how their own relationships will affect their children now and how they will affect their children’s relationships well into the future.

So has always been my worry. I have only ever introduced Noah to four different women I was dating (in three years), and every time it was only after I was certain that she would be around for a while. Even then I only ever introduced any of them as “Dad’s friend” until things progressed even further.

My kid never saw dad having sleepovers, he never was shoved in front of Nickelodeon while Dad did his thang, and he never was put on the backburner so that Dad could go try to find love elsewhere. I always worked my dating life around my time with my child so that such was always the case.

Then the Farmer’s Daughter entered my life. And some of that changed.

I have found that a bowl of popcorn is a handy babysitter while I disappear into the bedroom to “work.”

Oh, geez. I kid, I kid. Of course I wouldn’t do that and of course I haven’t done that.

A bowl of candy would keep him way more occupied.

Oh, geez. Once again, I kid.

[Insert nervous laugh]

But in all seriousness, after I met the Farmer’s Daughter, things progressed in ways they never had before with any other woman. We fell hard for each other and things got better with each other, and soon I could only see a future of which she was a part.

At first, the Farmer’s Daughter was simply “dad’s friend” just as things were with any other woman I’ve dated before her. Eventually we became official and I told Noah all about asking her to be my girlfriend. He sat on the barstool, downing a bowl of Special K (actually, it was Krave, but I don’t want the health food extremist parents coming after me), and he just started giggling. Girlfriends are funny to him.

But that giggling paled in comparison to the first time I kissed her in front of him.

That was a big step. I hadn’t kissed any woman (that I wasn’t married to) in front of my son before that. Ever. And, it wasn’t my idea to do it.


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