Remember how on Monday I shared that blog post about my chair getting leprosy (which not a lot of people read because, let’s be honest… how do you make someone want to click a link about a chair)?

Well, the week before last, the Farmer’s Daughter was over at my place, and we were looking at the poor thing.

I should also mention that we had just downed a somewhat large bottle of wine to celebrate my birthday, and we were both a leeeeeetle bit tipsy.

Anyway, this was the biggest of all the monstrosities, and when she saw it, the Farmer’s Daughter chimed out, “it looks like South America!”

name that spot

I should remind you again that we were both a leeeeeeetle bit tipsy.

Okay, we were a lot tipsy.

And I started laughing, and told her “that does not look anything like South America! It looks like a morbidly obese horse trying to gallop.”

Now that we are both thoroughly sober, we both agree it doesn’t look like South America or a morbidly obese galloping horse.

So, contest time. What is it?

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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