why-i-love-peopleWas sent this short and {awesome} little feel-good story from Danielle.

It’s just another reason to love people.

I used to work at a movie theater and every Sunday morning, these two gentlemen would always come in and watch a movie, one man was deaf, the other blind.

Anyway, one Sunday morning, the gentlemen asked me to watch their popcorn and drinks so they could use the restroom. One came out while the other was still in there and we started talking. He told me how they had actually met at that theatre when the blind man accidentally walked into the deaf man. Ever since that day, they went to the theatre every week and would explain to each other what was going on in the movie.

They became best friends. After that day, I would sneak into whatever auditorium they were in just so I could watch them communicate for a few minutes.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing