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On the Single Dad Laughing Facebook wall, I asked you what heroic moments you’ve witnessed. As I hoped, your stories were beautiful and all over the place.

Heroes come in every shape and size. Their acts can be as simple as helping an animal or as great as giving one’s own life for another.

These are your stories (and one of mine).

26 Unsung Heroes You’ve Probably Never Heard About

  1. My sister in law’s husband gave his life saving his son from drowning.
  2. My Grandparents were married 65 years and my Grandfather loved his bride like nobody I have ever met. She died of cancer and he took care of every need until her last breath. A few weeks later we found out he had cancer also but did not want treatment or care while she was alive because it would have taken from what he could give her. He fought in WWII but his hero ranking in selfless love will never be equal to any battle won or lost.
  3. My sister-in-law ran into the street after a toddler (that she didn’t know) escaped her mother and pushed her out of the way of a car. Toddler was fine. My sister in law was in the hospital for almost two weeks.
  4. My Dad is a retired Philadelphia Police officer and he once ran into a building on fire to save a woman & her baby, grabbed both of them in his arms & jumped out of a 2 story window. They both survived. And my father broke his leg, but wore his plaster cast proudly.
  5. My husband took on my kids as his own.
  6. My birth mom gave me up for adoption to the most wonderful loving parents. That definitely makes her a hero in my book.
  7. Once witnessed a small stray dog fall in the river. She couldn’t get back to shore. The only “non swimmer” in our group jumped in to save pooch. They now live together far from any body of water.
  8. More than 10 years later I finally got to meet the man that cut me out of my car, gave me cpr, and saved my life after a really awful car accident. As a volunteer fireman he has likely been the hero of many stories. I am alive today to share my store because of him!
  9. My mother raised 5 children (one of them permanently immobile, all of us 8 years and under) on her own, while she fought and beat lymphoma.
  10. My sister’s five year old son stood up (with fists raised) to three fifth graders who were bullying another kid that he barely knew in his kindergarten class. And, he scared them off.
  11. My husband chose to help with MY dad’s care for three years – doing his baths, putting him to bed every night, using his vacation time staying with him when I would take my mom places, etc. so that my mom didn’t have to put him in a nursing home. And then staying with my mom overnight when my dad passed away a couple weeks ago. He was the one that checked his vitals and called the time of death (as my brother and I were rushing to the house). I don’t care what my husband ever does to upset me ever again, he will always have my undying love and gratitude.


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