Okay, here we are again, now firmly planted on airplane number two on our journey home. If you missed yesterday’s post, it highlighted some of the not-so-highlighting parts of the last plane ride.

But things are looking up on this airplane. The crapper isn’t within easy elbow’s reach. No overly intrusive people have accidentally and fantastically twerked their badonkadonk in my face. And, this plane isn’t falling apart in mid-air (just yet).

Of course, I owe it to Hershey Lodge and Hersheypark to write and share something spectacular about the trip they just gave me, my son, and my girlfriend to Fatville, Pennsylvania.

Oh wait. I mean Hershey, Pennsylvania.

I keep thinking it’s called Fatville because they had to load me onto the plane via forklift after all the goodness they forced us to cram down our throats while we were there.

You know what’s funny is that three weeks ago, I didn’t even know Hershey, Pennsylvania existed, and I certainly didn’t know that there was a major theme park, one of the coolest vacation stops for families, and a homeless guy named Chuck who would sing and dance for you in exchange for chocolatey smiles only.

But, I got the email that we were invited to come check it out, and after Googling it a bit, I realized that it was one summer trip that we needed to make happen.

They gave us two full days and a couple half-days to enjoy a week’s worth of stuff, so today I’ll focus on the highlight reel.

First up, Hershey Lodge. To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t know if it would be some old dilapidated cabin in the woods, complete with axe murderers, Bigfoots (or is that Bigfeet?), and hooks hanging from car doors; or maybe it would be some big barn-type structure with all sorts of animal heads hanging on the walls, reminding all guests that death is never far away; or maybe it would just be a little bed & breakfast type place where they lure you in with the smell of cacao and you simply never return home again. I didn’t know. I just know they were picking up the tab and I wasn’t going to complain (unless I actually did get murdered… then I probably would complain a little).

What we found was an incredibly nice edifice. No, edifice isn’t the right word. Structure. No, that’s not right either. Compound? No, too Waco. It was just nice. And huge. And very classy. We were instantly greeted by Reece and Kiss (the park mascots), a professional staff, and a tote bag with nice gift towels that said Hershey all big and fancy-like. Noah immediately noticed the stack of Hershey Kisses on the end table when we walked into our room, and he’ll probably to this moment tell you that those were the highlight of his trip.

Anyway, Hershey Lodge was amazing. They had everything from the uber-nice hotel part of it (where we stayed), to the more affordable wings, to even a nice motel section. In other words, accommodations for everyone. I’d highly recommend Hershey Lodge and I’ll definitely stay there again if I ever go back to Hershey (which is very likely).

But we wouldn’t spend very much time at all at that lodge because when we arrived, they handed us a large envelope full of tickets to go experience so many of the Hershey attractions and activities (which, remember, I didn’t even know existed so very recently).

Most of the tickets were to attractions inside of a magical little place called Fat World.

I mean, Chocolate World.

But I promise you, it should be called Fat World because every time you turn around, someone is stuffing fresh, delicious, rich, creamy chocolate into your face.

And I say Fat World endearingly. It’s one of those things where you go and you feel good getting a little bit fatter for a couple days. It’s a place you go and everyone is getting a little bit fatter, and everyone is (besides the occasional burst of sugar-induced crankiness) overly happy (how could they not be with constant milk chocolate being injected into their veins), and everyone has forgotten for the briefest little moment that we’re all supposed to eat right and exercise as much as possible.CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE

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