The Farmer’s Daughter and I have probably been swearing a little too much lately.

Okay, okay. We definitely have been swearing a little too much lately.

We don’t even know how it happened. We just kind of started swearing a little in humor, then a little more, and suddenly we were swearing all the ****ing time.

Which isn’t awesome.

I mean, don’t get me wrong. Swearing is awesome. Sometimes. Dropping a nice **** or a **** when the moment calls for it can be both humorous and entertaining. But not all the ****ing time.

For a curse word to have true power or humor, it has to come out of nowhere. If people are used to hearing it from me any time my lips move, those words will never have the BOOM I like them to have when I do use them.

Plus too much cursing too often just makes a person sound ignorant and uneducated, at least to me. The Farmer’s Daughter agrees.

So, we just started a “Swear Jar” contest that will go for the entire next year.

Every time either one of us says the following words, we have to put 25 cents into the jar. ****, ****, *****, ****, or *******.

And, every time either one of us says the following BIG one, we have to put fifty cents into the jar: ****.

That will double after one month.

It’s been about five days and we have about five bucks in the jar between us. Some have been because of slip-ups. Some have been because they were going to be worth saying, so we said ’em with gusto and paid the price. Still, the money adds up and it’s not without pain that we are filling this jar.

But the real punishment isn’t going to be the money. No. The real punishment is going to be what the loser has to do with that money at the end of the contest.


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