I left it to you all to ask me any questions you wanted about me, my blog, or my life. These were your top questions and my answers. Part 1 of 3.

Also, be sure to listen to the podcast if you want to know more. I expounded on a lot of these.

If you get married, what will you call your blog?

This is the number one question I have been asked the past three years. The simple answer is, I have no idea. I’ve always just said I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. Which, I promise you, is something I am not jumping into any time soon.

Had I ever known my blog would become my career and last so long, I would definitely have chosen a different name. Unfortunately, changing the name is not as easy as just changing the name. Facebook won’t let you change the name, it’s heavily branded in search engines, and there are many other factors to look at.

Of course, if a girl’s worth marrying, she’s also worth figuring it out for!

I doubt you knew how successful your blog would prove to be when you first started. Do you ever regret putting yourself out there for everyone? Do you still enjoy every post or do you get tired of being committed to posting on such a frequent basis?

I love being a blogger. Most of the time. I can do my job from a beach, or from China, or while sitting in my undies in bed, jamming to Neil Diamond in the background. I mean Pearl Jam.

But yeah. Every once in a while, it does get overwhelming. Every once in a while, I struggle to stay motivated or get a blog post out for the next day. But those times are rare.

As for putting myself out there, I’ve never regretted it. I don’t put everything out there and it’s nice to know that I do control anything that I decide to share.

As a fellow divorced dad, how do I find myself a hot farmer’s daughter?

Here is my formula for finding your own Farmer’s Daughter.

1. Be bold. There are awesome chicas everywhere, so whether you’re doing it over the internet or at the grocery store, cinch up your belt, find your 20 seconds of insane courage, and say something gutsy. The first thing I ever said to the Farmer’s Daughter was, "I would be a real idiot not to say hi to you." Worked like a charm.

2. There is no #2. Focus on #1. Eventually you’ll say just the right thing to just the right person and everything else will take care of itself.

You said when you were on the price is right that your real name is Tony. Is Dan a fake name or a middle name? I know there are lots of really important questions I should be asking but I have always wondered about this.

My dad’s name is Tony. They named me Tony Daniel, and I was always "Danny" growing up. Lots of my old friends and aunts still call me Danny.

When I was a teenager I shortened it to Dan. I don’t know why. Sometimes I want to go back to Danny, but I’m way too lazy to put out the effort of making sure everyone changes.

Side note: my sister’s husband’s name is Dan also, so  that poor guy just gets called by his full name when we’re all together, even by his wife sometimes. I’m Dan. He’s Dan Hill. It’s just the way it has to be. Sorry, Dan Hill.

What did you do for a living before you blog?

Let’s see. How far back do you want? As a teenager I worked construction and flipped burgers. If you got a burnt burger from Wendy’s circa 1996, that was me. In college I built web sites for universities.

My first real career path was as an animal artist (fine art). Random, I know. I actually did pretty well with it. I’ve shared some of that art over at www.danpearce.com.

After that, I was in business, and did a lot of stuff with my dad and brothers. That led to a successful career as a sales and marketing executive. Life was looking good for me on that road, and then I started this blog and everything changed.

Just out of curiosity, because I am unable to have children… I love that you adopted Noah, he is a beautiful child. I just wondered if it was because you and the ex could not conceive? Or was it just a very unselfish personal choice to adopt instead of trying? That may be too personal of a question, but being infertile I have weighed lots of options over the years and was just wondering how you came to your decision.

We tried (unsuccessfully) to have children for six years. We had no trouble getting pregnant. It was staying pregnant that didn’t work too well for us.

Infertility blows. Invitro is stressful and trying. I don’t know if there is a whole lot that will test a relationship more than going through all that. It’s like playing the lottery, thinking you’ve won every time, and then having them say, "oh, nevermind."

But adoption is amazing. At least it was for us. You can read about our story here: Noah. An Adoption Tale.


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