I left it to you all to ask me any questions you wanted about me, my blog, or my life. These were your top questions and my answers. Part 2 of 3.

Also, be sure to listen to the podcast if you want to know more. I expounded on a lot of these.

Do you have an English, writing, or journalism major or just natural talent?

I took an English creative writing class in college? Does that count?

Haha. Nah. I just write. And I think writing is like anything else. Good writers write well because they’ve honed their skills. Whether you’re honing those skills in school, or on a blog, or in a journal at home, you get better and better at it, and it becomes easier and easier.

Since starting this blog, I have easily typed more than a million words. That’s a lot of practice. I still have trouble finding the ^ sign on the keyboard without looking though.

How do you make a living at this?

Almost all of my living comes through ad revenue.
I am fortunate enough to be a member of the BlogHer Ad Network which does all the work for me (they get their cut). I also have secondary ads through Tribal Fusion which is a blessing, too.

If I didn’t have ads, I would probably make money either by selling my body, selling organs, or running underground poker tournements in my basement. Blogging is so fun, I’d probably have to go to those extremes to keep from having to shut ‘er down.

Have you ever Naired your back?


And thank you for asking. Nobody ever seems to care about that these days.

As a single dad my son wants to live with his mom. I was awarded custody because of some, shall I say, illegal things dealing with money. I want him to be happy, but I am a realist too. Any suggestions?

Sometimes, if mama bear is a bad bear, you’ve gotta be papa bear and do what’s hardest. Tell your kid no because it’s for his own good.

That being said, perhaps the bigger issue isn’t him being happy or not at Mom’s. It’s why is he not happy at Dad’s? Get to the root of that, be proactive with your son about it, and you may not need to worry about it at all.

Of course, teenagers can be like slippery porcupines. Hard to hug. Even harder to hold onto when you do try and hug them.

And the award for worst analogy ever goes to…

You are about to be stranded on an island… what book would you take?

That’s easy. I’d take the most delicious book I could find. Preferably one made out of chocolate.

If that’s not available, I’d take a coffee table book that was full of pictures and stories about the goodness of people. I’d want to always remember that civilization is worth fighting to get back to.

How long have you and “The Farmer’s Daughter” been serious? Are you living together? Tips for having the fun relationship that you guys have?

We haven’t been serious about much of anything since the day we met. I bulldoze her off the bed with my charging noggin. She tries to blow air up my nostrils. Constantly. We both torture each other, and tease each other, and goof around with each other and…

Oh wait. Wrong kind of serious. We’ve been officially official for about six months now.

We aren’t living together. Yet. Next month we’re moving into a cute little townhome we rented.

Tips… never take much of anything seriously. Only the stuff you have to.